Are refunds and returns available?

--Yes! Please email jackalope.art.design@gmail.com within 24hrs of receiving your prints to start the refund, return or reprint process.

Do you print these posters yourself?

--Unfortunately I do not. I am a small operation that uses a third party print on demand service. I do hope to eventually use a more local print provider in the future.

Is shipping included?

-- No shipping is not included. It is flat rate shipping, so no matter how much you purchase the shipping will remain a flat $7 for U.S and Canada.

Are all of these original art pieces?

--Yes, all are original collage pieces. They are put together from various assets and photos from my own collection as well as off of the internet and out of books. Most are digital collages but some of the first I made were scanned paper collages.

How long does it take you to make one collage?

It really depends. Sometimes I will have an idea in my head that I can execute swiftly in a few hours. Other times I will continue to edit a piece over the course of a few days, until if feels "right".

Do you do commissions?

Yes! Just email me at jackalope.art.design@gmail.com and we can discuss ideas.